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An international group of leading diabetes researchers are establishing a Global Registry of COVID-19-related diabetes.

This registry is specifically designed to establish the extent and characteristics of new-onset, COVID-19-related diabetes, and to investigate its pathogenesis, management and outcomes. The Registry also collects data about presentations with severe metabolic disturbance in pre-existing diabetes (DKA, hyperosmolarity; severe insulin resistance).

Given the very short history of human contact with COVID-19, this registry will rapidly help us understand how COVID-19 related diabetes develops, its natural history and its best management. Studying COVID-19-related diabetes may also uncover novel mechanisms of disease.

This is the LIVE registry, please click here for the DEMO version

Important: Contributions to CoviDIAB will be appropriately acknowledged and proportionally to the extent of the data contribution. We will release certificates of contribution to all clinicians/Institutions, and we will acknowledge each contributor in the main publication ensuing from the CoviDIAB Registry. We will specifically ask the Journal publishing the report to link the paper to the name of each contributor in PubMed. Contributors that will provide the largest set of data will also be offered an opportunity to participate in reports from CoviDIAB as co-authors.